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Adobe® Photoshop® CS (For Macintosh® users)
*Screen layout varies by your OS.


  1. Click File, Print with Preview... to open the Print dialog.
  2. Click Page Setup... to open the setup dialog.
  3. Select Photo L(Borderless) from "Paper Size"and select the appropriate setting based on your needs for Orientation.
  4. Click OK to close the window.
  5. Uncheck Scale to Fit Media and adjust the "Scaled Print Size" settings to fit the picture in the preview window. You enlarge the image by clicking and dragging the corners of the image.

    Be sure to uncheck "Scale to Fit Media".
  6. Click Print.... Select Proceed even thought the message "The image is larger than the paper's printable area; some clipping will occur" appears. The image will begin printing.