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How to install your Brother device into a Windows XP environment using the 'In-box' drivers

Date : 2001/09/12
ID : prfaq0408


The Windows XP operating system includes a variety of Brother drivers as standard. These drivers - developed in conjunction with Microsoft - allow you to connect a wide variety of Brother products to a PC running the Windows XP operating system. The Brother device will then identify itself to the Windows XP PC and the appropriate device drivers will be installed automatically (this type of driver is known as an 'In-box' driver).

How to set up?

Using the 'In-Box Drivers'

Make sure that your Brother product is not powered on. Using the appropriate connection (either USB or Parallel) connect the Brother product to your Windows XP computer. Now power on the Brother device. In your Taskbar a pop-up Window should appear informing you that Windows XP has identified a new device.

  1. Windows XP will now do further analysis to see which is the appropriate driver to install as it does this, the text in the pop-up Window may change.
  1. The appropriate device driver will now be installed onto your XP PC after it is installed you will see the following:

You are now ready to use your Brother product.

What is a Native Device driver?

In addition to In-box drivers, Brother is also developing Native drivers. A native Brother printer driver is a driver developed exclusively by Brother. Generally speaking, these drivers are more powerful than the 'in-box' drivers that are supplied with the Windows XP operating system. We recommend the use of a native driver (if available) if you wish to access all of the driver features described in your product literature.