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Duplex Printing

What is the benefit?

If your printer has a built in duplex unit, or if you have installed an optional duplex unit, it is very easy to print on both sides of the paper. Please note that it is also possible to print on both sides of the paper even if your printer does not have a duplex unit using the 'Manual Duplex' setting within the printer driver.

How does it work?

How to select the Duplex printing option

From a Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, click the "File" menu, and then select the "Print" option. You will see a dialogue similar to the one below:

  1. Click the "Properties" button to display the printer driver setting.

  1. You will see the Brother dialogue screen. Select the 'Advanced' tab and then select the 'Duplex' icon.

Automatic Duplex Printing

Select the 'Duplex' option and also select if you wish to use the 'Use Duplex Unit' or the 'Manual Duplex' option. If your printer was supplied with a built in duplex unit or if you have installed an optional duplex unit, select the 'Use Duplex Unit' option.

Semi-Automatic Duplex Printing

If your Brother printer does not include a duplex unit as standard, select the 'Manual Duplex' option, this option then allows you to print in duplex mode manually.

Both types of Duplex Printing

In either Automatic or Semi-Automatic duplex modes, there are now several options available to you, 'Flip on Left Edge', 'Flip on Right Edge' etc..
Select the option you require, if you are not sure which option to select, refer to the icon that is displayed in the preview screen to better understand what each option does. When you are confident that you have specified the correct options, click the 'Apply' button and then the 'OK' button to return back to the original 'Print' dialogue. Now click the 'OK' button and the print job will be sent to the printer printing in the way you specified.


Did you know?


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