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e-mail Notification


Many Exchange servers are configured to prevent mail relating. This generally causes no problem for the Brother device UNLESS you have configured it to send e-mail messages to completely different domains. In this case, we recommend that you change the settings of your Exchange server in the following way:

  1. Under the server name entry of the main three find the "Connections" node and click it.
  2. On the right hand pane there should be a list of install connectors. Double click the "Internet Mail Service" entry to display its properties.
  3. Go to the "Connections" page of these properties. There are hree things to do here:

    3.1. In the "Transfer Mode" area make sure "Inbound & Outbound" is selected.
    3.2. In the "Accept Connections" area:

    (a) Make sure "From Any Host" is selected;
    (b) Click the "Hosts" button. In the dialog that is displayed:

    (i) add an "accept" entry for every server that forwards SMTP e-mail to this exchange server, making sure that the netmask is correct (i.e. for complete addresses).
    (ii) add an "accept" entry for the Brother device so that it can send SMTP messages to the exchange server as well
    (iii) add a "refuse" entry for "" with netmask "" to prevent unauthorized servers using the exchange server as a relay.

    (3.3) Make sure the "Message Delivery" area is configured to correctly handle e-mail not destined for the exchange server - this should already be done because outgoing mail is the considered to be the same as mail not destined for the exchange server.

  4. Go to the "Routing" page.

    4.1 Check the "Reroute incoming SMTP mail" radio button.
    4.2 In the box beneath add an entry for each domain the exchange server accepts mail for and make sure the setting for each of these entries is "incoming". Everything else will be treated as mail not destined for this server and be handled using the procedure outlined in the "Message
    Delivery" area above.

- You can also use the BRAdmin Professional Software to manage your network Brother printers.
- If your printer has a embedded web server, you can use a web browser to manage your network Brother printers.
- You can use the 'Status Monitor' capability to monitor the status of your printer.