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Using a Web Browser to View and Change Printer Information


Many Brother printers support Embedded Web Server (EWS) technology, this means that you can use a standard web browser to manage many aspects of the printer, for example, view consumable life, configure network parameters, view serial number information, printer usage etc. For a list of the Top-10 features of the Embedded Web Server support click here.

The Printer HomePage

Start your web browser and enter the NetBIOS name, DNS name or IP address of the printer.

If your system is configured correctly you will see the relevant printer homepage.

Usually the homepage is animated, that is, if the printer is asleep, or printing, or in an error state, i.e. no paper, an animated image will quickly show you the printer status.

There are always at least eight links at the top of every page that you see:

  1. Home Page (a link to the printer homepage)
  2. Network Configuration (a link to the network parameters of the printer)
  3. Administrator Settings (a link to the particular administrator settings available on that printer)
  4. View Configuration (a link to general printer information)
  5. Printer Information (a link to specific printer settings such as margin information, paper size, etc).
  6. Reset & Test (a link to the printer reset page)
  7. Find Device (clicking this link finds all Brother network connected printers in your network).
  8. A link to the Brother Solutions Center Web site

Next to the 'Find Device' link you may also see a 'Secure Print' link or a 'Spool Function' link.

Secure Print link
This link will appear if you have not installed an optional HD-6G/HD-EX or Compact Flash memory module but you have created a RAMDISK and are using the 'Secure Print' option in the printer driver.

Spool Function
This link will appear if you have installed an optional HD-6G/HD-EX or Compact Flash memory module and you are using the 'Secure Print', 'Proof Print' or 'Public Print' options within the printer driver.

Viewing/Changing Information: Network Information

Click the 'Network Configuration' link and enter the print server password (the default password information is detailed in the Brother NC-Series print server user guide).

After entering the print server password, the main Network Information page is displayed. From here you can view and set a variety of network information. For example, to change the IP address settings select the 'Configure TCP/IP' option and enter the new IP address information. To configure the automatic e-mail notification option, click the 'Configure Notification' option.

Viewing/Changing Information: Administrator Settings

The Administrator Settings page is used to set printer specific options such as HardDisk/Compact Flash options, Time Setting options, Job Accounting functions etc..

Viewing/Changing Information: View Configuration

The 'View Configuration' link displays general printer information such as page count, consumable status,

Viewing/Changing Information: Printer Settings

Click the Printer Settings to link to view printer emulation's information such as PCL, BRScript 3 etc... page settings information.

Viewing/Changing Information: Reset and Test

The Reset and Test link can be used to reset the printer.

Viewing/Changing Information: Find Device

When selected, the 'Find Device' option locates all network connected Brother printers and displays their status

Did you know?

- The BRAdmin Professional software can also be used to view and change printer information
- You can use the e-mail notification option to automatically receive e-mail messages if there is a printer problem.