6 Brother PC-FAX Software
(MFC models only)

Note Note
If you are using Windows® XP or Windows® 2000 Professional, you must log on with Administrator rights.

PC-FAX sending

The Brother PC-FAX feature lets you use your PC to send an application as a standard fax. You can even attach a cover page. All you have to do is set up the receiving parties as members or groups in your PC-FAX Address Book or simply enter the destination address or fax number into the user interface. You can use the Address Book Search feature to quickly find members to send to.
For the latest information and updates on the Brother PC-FAX feature, visit http://solutions.brother.com.
Note Note
The PC-FAX software can only send Black & White fax documents.
If your PC is protected by a firewall and is unable to use PC-FAX send, you may need to configure the firewall settings to allow communication through port numbers 54926 and 137. For more information, see Firewall settings (For Network users).

Setting up user information

Note Note
You can access User Information from the FAX Sending dialog box by clicking the Graphic icon.
Click the Start button, All Programs, Brother, MFC-XXXX (where XXXX is your model name), PC-FAX Sending, then PC-FAX Setup.
The Brother PC-FAX Setup dialog box appears:
Enter this information to create the fax header and cover page.
Click OK to save the User Information.
Note Note
You can set up the User Information separately for each Windows® account.