Setting toll saver

When the toll saver feature is on, the machine will answer after two rings if you do have voice or fax messages, and after four rings if you do not have any messages.
This way, when you call your machine for remote retrieval, if it rings three times you have no messages and can hang up to avoid a toll charge.
The toll saver feature is only available when Message Center mode is on. When toll saver is On, it overrides your ring delay setting.If you are using Distinctive Ring do not use the Toll Saver feature.
Make sure you are in fax mode. If not then press Graphic (Fax).
Press Menu, 2, 1, 1.
1.Setup Receive
Ring Delay
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose Toll Saver. Press OK.
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose On (or Off). Press OK.
Press Stop/Exit.