Using remote codes

Fax receive code

If you answer a fax call on an extension or external telephone, you can tell your machine to receive it by dialing the fax receive code Bsymbol.tone 5 1. Wait for the chirping sounds then replace the handset. See Easy Receive. Your caller will have to press Start to send the fax.

Telephone answer code

If you receive a voice call and the machine is in F/T mode, it will start to sound the F/T (double) ring after the initial ring delay. If you pick up the call on an extension phone you can turn the F/T ring off by pressing # 5 1 (make sure you press this between the rings).

Changing the remote codes

The preset Fax Receive Code is Bsymbol.tone 5 1. The preset Telephone Answer Code is # 5 1. If you want to, you can replace them with your own codes.
Press Menu.
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose Fax.
Press OK.
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose Setup Receive.
Press OK.
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose Remote Codes.
Press OK.
Press Bsymbol.utri or Bsymbol.dtri to choose On (or Off).
Press OK.
Enter the new Fax Receive Code.
Press OK.
Enter the new Telephone Answer Code.
Press OK.
Press Stop/Exit.
Note Note
If you are always disconnected when accessing your external TAD remotely, try changing the Fax Receive Code and Telephone Answer Code to another three-digit code (such as # and 9).
Remote Codes might not work with some telephone systems.