Using ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE with OCR

ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE for Brother is a document management application. You can use PaperPort® SE to view scanned documents.
Not just viewing, PaperPort® SE has a sophisticated yet easy-to-use filing system that will help you organize your graphics and text documents. It lets you mix or ‘stack’ documents of different formats for printing, faxing or filing.
This chapter only introduces the basic functions of the software. For more details, see the ScanSoft® user’s guide.
To view the complete ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE User’s Guide, choose Help from PaperPort® SE menu bar and click User’s Guide.
When you install MFL-Pro Suite, ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE for Brother is installed automatically.
You can access ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE through the ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE program group located in Start/All Programs/ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE on your PC.

Viewing items

ScanSoft® PaperPort® SE gives several ways to view items:
Desktop View displays the item in the chosen folder with a thumbnail (a small graphic that shows each item in a desktop or folder) or an icon.
You can see both PaperPort® SE items (MAX files) and non-PaperPort® SE items (files created using other applications).
Non-PaperPort® SE items include an icon that indicates the application that was used to create the item.
Page View displays a close-up of a single page. You can open a PaperPort® SE item by double-clicking its icon or thumbnail in Desktop View.
As long as you have the proper application on your PC to display it, you can also open a non-PaperPort® SE item with an appropriate application by double-clicking.